Attract Money & Love: The Power of Manifestation / 777 Hz + 432 Hz Frequency

This music is designed to help you attract prosperity, wealth and love. It is crafted to align your energy with the vibration of abundance and positivity, and to help you communicate your desires to the universe. The sounds, melody and rhythm are chosen to help you tap into a higher state of consciousness, connect with your inner self, and focus on the specific things you want to manifest in your life, whether it be abundance in wealth, career or relationships. By listening to this music, you will be able to clear your mind, focus on your desires, and set your intentions to manifest the prosperity, wealth and love you want in your life.

Additionally, it is designed to be listened while sleeping or meditating. The soothing and calming nature of the music will help you to relax, release stress, and promote a deeper and more restful sleep. The rhythm and melody of the music is also designed to help you to focus and meditate, which will help you to be more in tune with yourself and the world around you. This music can be used for meditation, visualization, during sleep or any activity you do to manifest your desires, but also for any activity that involves self-improvement, self-discovery, and self-care.

Full, true black screen will start after 30 seconds.

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